Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a few good things

i'm home sick. and since nobody wants to hear about it, let me instead make a list of a few good things in my life right now:

brett dennen. jon and i took in the show last night at the orpheum. for $7, we took in 2 openers, brett dennen's band, and nearly 4 hours of solid music. i loved it. i bought one cd last night, and downloaded the other one on iTunes today. i highly, highly recommend his soulful folk tunes.

gracious friends. i've been a bit absentee for a while now, and the friends who've allowed me time to get my act together and welcome me back into their lives lovingly have encouraged me greatly.

the end of february. the snow on sunday was fabulous, but i am desperate for sunny days and warm temps and flip-flops.

arrested development, season 1. i think i will recuperate from this sickness well with all of season one's episodes a click away.

making room: recovering hospitality as a christian tradition
. recommended my shane claiborne of "the irresistible revolution," i have found this book so inspiring both for my own life and for my line of work.

a group of friends who invites me to pursue the idea of intentional community living. these discussions are on my mind often, and i am grateful for their insights, thoughts, and planning.

and, of course, i know that including one's significant other may seem silly, but there is not a day when i don't feel grateful to be with someone who cares about me and knows me so well. we can argue and i can be annoying, but jon is really committed to being faithful. that blesses me. and to come over tonight to make me soup and be company when i'm feeling down and out? that's pretty dang awesome.

anyway, back to getting better.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ode to Shelly & Mark

I've known Shelly since we were in middle school.
She wouldn't let me read her horoscope out of Teen People;
she wasn't interested, she said. And she didn't believe in those things.
I thought that was strange.
But I was friends with her anyway.
Things are just like that in middle school.
In high school, Shelly came to camp with me.
She was the only Christian I knew and the only one I knew who'd be willing to suffer through an awful week of youth group activities and maybe enjoy it. Maybe help it not be so bad.
That week changed my life.
And Shelly became my best friend.
We did high school together.
We took car rides in her Bronco and talked about boys we liked.
We struggled through junior year prom season together.
(Those memories are still so vivid)
We dominated Sinkler's english class with Lance & Cullen.
We talked about God.
We discussed friendship and sisterhood.
We lounged on beach chairs in Shelly's driveway.
And even though she was never so sure about my high school boyfriend,
she still empathized with me and encouraged me when we broke up.
After graduation, it was a tearful goodbye.
I remember one night in college,
on the floor of my freshman year dorm,
down on my knees in front of the mirror,
crying because my heart hurt so badly to be far from her.
Nine years later.
Shelly and I have seen each other through
boys we just call friends,
deaths of friends,
struggles with God,
and lots and lots of love.
And then a big love:
Mark really loves Shelly.
Shelly really loves Mark.
And this Saturday, I get the privilege of standing beside her
supporting her
encouraging her
and witnessing a covenant between my best friend and her big love.
This is so cool.
God bless you both.
(and let's go camping this summer, ok?)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

cartoon mary

thanks for this idea, jon. here's me as a cartoon ... incredibly accurate, i'd say.

visit www.weeworld.com.