Wednesday, September 29, 2004

to blog or not to blog

this all started simply because i wanted to respond to erin's blogged thoughts. now, weeks later, i don't even know what she wrote that so induced me to follow all the promptings of this site to create my own blog. alas, here i am.

i read in the redeye recently that bloggers have nothing better to do than spend their time pontificating on the most meaningless things. i will do my best to avoid such trivial matters. but i guarantee nothing. i've often found myself jumping into the way-too-deep end of life, and, god knows, forgetting to come up for air. i think the ridiculous things of life allow me to laugh. i've needed that. so i take back my promise to fend off triviality. besides, in my ecclesiastical worldview, isn't everything under the sun meaningless anyhow?

so tonight, i'm beginning my wordy diary. jump with me into the way-too-deep-end, won't you? just remember to come up for air every now and then.